Anonymous asked:

hi there mr moriarty, i'm Louise. my question for you is; have you ever been hospitalized for a serious illness? i ask because i'm currently in for chemotherapy treatments for osteogenic sarcoma (a weird form of bone cancer) thank you for your time :D

x-jim-moriarty-x answered:

Louise, what a nice, quiet name. I never was hospitalized for an illness but I was “hospitalized” for many stabbings. Usually I hire someone to help me out if I am to get hurt, and if no one is available, I take care of it myself. 


Sometimes I hate it when my prey fights back, other times its kinda cute how they struggle, but if they cut me, then it’s no more mr. nice guy. 

you seem cute though, one of the first people I have ever wanted to get better, love. and When you do, come around my place, I’ll show you a good time, hm?